Design and Build

Year One


This Project was first started May 2018.  The garden is large, about 25m x 20m garden, having a minuscule budget to make a large impact.

Before starting the project, the garden was just lawn, with large apple trees surrounding the boundary, in. the garden were a number of outbuildings being predominantly used for business, but also there are sections of the garden being used for outdoor dining/socialising.

The brief given for this garden something suitable for both people to visit and dogs to play/wonder. 


The garden was already set up as a grid and would have looked odd to create a garden other than in a formal layout.


Although the layout was set out from the beginning as 'formal', to create a contrast to this, the planting was decided to be informal (almost a modern cottage garden feel).

Also, an archway walk of roses was placed to create an automatic piece of structure and a sense of drama.

The dogs welcomed this garden, almost instantly they started using the garden as a race track to play and venturing the beds.


Only four months after starting this project (picture taken in September 2018), dispute the roses needing to take between two-three years to cover these arches, the garden looks mature for the time it has taken at this stage.

Year Two


After such a large transformation, the following year is to move plants about due to either not looking quite right or did not perform well.

Also now is time for the touches that plants and landscaping cannot achieve, such as the fountain in the centre of the garden, which dominates as a focal point, statues/ornaments are used just to create details.

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