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So are you thinking about having your garden resigned?  We are here to help also, with relevant qualifications to turn your garden into a beautiful space whether a new front drive or entertaining area.

We understand that each customers have different needs for the space and will work together to find a solution. We will try to accommodate most budgets this could be planning a garden to be built over amount of phases, find money saving solutions, etc. Large, small or courtyard, what ever the size we'll reflect the garden to your lifestyle and the house, making the fit seamlessly together.


The initial meeting will include a walk round the space, getting an understanding from the client for various details (how the space will be used, the type of garden you require, maintenance, budget), once terms are agreed, a sight survey shall be undertaken (size, elevation, pH test, soil test, etc).


Once all the necessary information has be taken on our part, now translating it to paper.  We keep the customer updated with the design, having as many meetings to ensure all the garden is understood and can be adjusted till finalised.

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Why choose us?  Many garden designers out there are very good at drawing, but have little understanding about hard landscaping, maintenance and plants, looking closely designs looking similar from one to the next. generally using a few plants for all gardens.

Also, some having little experience of horticulture, why is this important?  This could save you money with little replacements of plants, knowing what takes can be undertaken and having a garden designed with maintenance in mind and not an after though


What are the positives of having your garden designed?  This can provide clarity for the garden, space saving solutions that you did not think of, do not have the time to do this yourself, we will work with the client to produce a beautiful space that they've benign longing for.


To clench the deal, having your garden design can increase the properties value, so this will not just be an investment for your personal time, but the home as a whole.

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Do you think having your garden designed will be expensive and is putting you off from having it? Please do contact us and we'll do what we can for you and your budget, some gardens do not need tens of thousands for your garden to look like one from the Chelsea flower show.

There are many options to get the most out of the space, could be a consultation of your garden allowing you to develop yourself, having a design plan with documents for the client to undertake, or if the budget stretches having the work undertaken for you.


As for our values, we will be honest with you to what can be done with the budget and suggest the actions to be taken.  If this interests you, please get in contact with us and for further information on our workings, please clink the Case Studies link below.

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