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December 2018

As we are nearing the end of 2018 and now I am looking back on what a bizarre year we have had, the start of the year was extremely wet, slowly moving into 'spring', ie the beast from the east! Then all of a sudden having summer knocking on our doors, in the space of two months (March-May), saw the temperatures fluctuate from -10*c to 30*c+, if that was not to top it off, no rain had fallen for 10 weeks.

All this being said, the autumn had one of the most amazing years I've ever seen in the colour of leaves and the long length of plants that were flowering. Then we come to now, December, where each day I wish it was spring or summer, thinking of them plants and weather I am wanting it to be.

But this is what I am needing to do over the winter, yes, planning for the spring and summer to come, creating designs, discussing planting plans and even planting trees and shrubs. Though days are dark and bleak, the optimism is ever increasing.

While I dream of laying in a deck chair, having a G&T in one hand and a good book in the other, now is time to get all the hard work done, this month sees me pruning various plants, cutting back some and generally tidying the gardens.

At the moment I may get wet or freeze, creating beautiful spaces or thinking of what could be done spurs me on to deliver for each and everyone of my customers.

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