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January in the garden

I get this question from many of my clients, its either that or "should you be visiting now? There is very little to do in the garden now, so you do not need to visit".

That can be true, when you look out there window there seams to be little if nothing to do! But once I am in a garden all them small jobs that needs to be done all stack up.

I see now and February as the months leading to the storm, meaning when March arrives, most people can no longer fight the urge to get into their garden to make transformations, but before all of that, lots of gardening can begin.

If you have a plain garden and want to redesign it, now is a great time, so you do not need to get cold and mucky like me everyday (I keep saying to myself I love it), also I find with some people when it comes to spring, that want to design and build in one day without thinking of the long term, or going to the Garden Centre and buying what you like (everyone does this piece of crime, including me), this gives you a chance to do so.

Creating mood boards (it's not just for weddings), to find what you like and dislike, choosing a particular colour scheme, plants and so on, I take this time of year as an excuses to be out in my garden once a week to design.

But with all this being said the weather has been mild up to now, so will have found me in the garden everyday that I have available to garden and reminisce what the year will hopefully have in store.

But for now, jobs that I am undertaking in the garden currently are tidying up plants (that are not in flower), weeding, removing leaves, planting shrubs/trees, digging new beds (a nice warm job) and edging.

Another job that I am doing is choosing plants for the year coming, designing to an extent, but choosing seeds to sow for the next couple of weeks, grow various plants from around the garden (predominantly cuttings and deciding) and I know earlier I dubbed going to the garden centre, but like like to purchase any of the plants that are on sale and propagate them.

You see the outside may be dull, dingy and cold at times, but once you are out there, it will take a lot to bring you back in.

So happy gardening and will be writing Februarys' blog soon

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