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Rain Stop Play

Following the wettest February on record, there have been many occasions over the last month where I am needing to cancel, making me sit inside and undertake office work, while thinking when will this stop?

As much as I do not like getting soaked through to my birthday suit, there are a few reasons to why with a list to why below.

1. Lawns - Though we may not be undertaking work on the lawn, just walking on the lawn can damage, repeatedly treading on the same areas can turn into a quagmire, most of our customers do not expect to have a bowls lawn, but destroying it is also not there ideal situation.

2. Beds - Having to walk on the beds is never a good idea, but even more so when wet, this can have a detrimental effect on the plants growth through the coming year, also it can encourage unwanted diseases.

3. Pruning - Pruning plants on a wet day will slow the time of the healing wound, this now is open for diseases which could kill the plant

4. Weeding - Weeding is near impossible, this could be digging or hoeing. Digging is extremely hard work at the best of times, but more so when its wet, with the soils being heavier and not being able to remove the weeds as best as I could otherwise. Hoeing will have no effect, as this will encourage the weed seeds under the surface to grow, the weeds you are wanting to remove can grow back if any to be left on the surface, and if removing them, undoubtably you'll be taking half of the top soil with you.

5. Icky - Lets be honest, getting wet, cold and very muddy is not the way you would like to garden, neither do myself or my team. Showers are fine (not ideal, but fine), when the rain is constant I do not wish for anyone to get ill from this

Many of my customers say it must be financially hard to work not working, I say "Yes it is an impact, but when it comes to spring and summer, I have been known to work 12h+ days, working this allows me to not work the rainy days" pardon the pun.

I have also had some people whom complain about me not waning to work in the heavy rain. I have few responses, firstly being the above reasons. Secondly, I will ruin the hard standing with tracking mud everywhere, and lastly, would you be willing to work in the (generally they say no), my response is neither do it, working the 3-4h with you could stop me working the next few days from being ill.

Some circumstances I am having to work in these unpleasant conditions, the other day, I had mulch delivered on the front of one of my customers drive and could not leave that there for the customers over a week till I am able to get back.

Till the next post, enjoy the puddles

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